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Shoe Storage from Tszuji – Shoe-nami Prevention

Are you like me with too many shoes and not enough closet real estate to store them? Well, the folks over at Tszuji.com just sent me a Bamboo wood 20 pair shoe rack for free in exchange for this review. It is awesome! VERY easy to put together and fits right inside my closet. My husband is so happy that he no longer has to trip over my shoes. And I’m happy to be able to view and make my shoe selection for the day without having to look in five different places. This is one big easy step to make my closet clutter free. (sad news is that I need a few more!) If you could use some shoe storage in your life, Tszuji has wall mounted, over the door and under the bed options. You can choose plastic, bamboo, canvas all with a lifetime guarantee. Thanks Tszuji!
$36.95 at Tszuji.com (free shipping to the U.S.)

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One Response to “Shoe Storage from Tszuji – Shoe-nami Prevention”

  1. lenzy
    October 20th, 2010 01:01

    I am looking for a shoe storage that can hold up to 30 pair of shoes…

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