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JC Fashion Boots Faux Suede Lug Sole Boot

vegan ugg boots
I go back and forth between loving these ugg-like boots and then getting disgusted because everyone owns them!! …but they are so cute and comfy …decisions!! ..anyway, if you are interested in getting a pair made entirely of man-made materials, these are a great option! Great colors and excellent price. There are 50 Amazon customers reviewing these boots and everyone loves them! Grab yourself a pair while they still have your size.
$24.99 at Amazon

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One Response to “JC Fashion Boots Faux Suede Lug Sole Boot”

  1. Jessica
    January 20th, 2011 15:12

    I have officially sworn off UGG-like styles this year! There are so many better vegan options in boots. I discovered some amazing boots at NEUAURA http://www.neuaurashoes.com/ and they are my new go-to for boots.

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